Patios are the backbone of a landscape. FGL uses a vast array of native rock or man-made pavers to create an outdoor living space for you to entertain guests or simply to enjoy and relax.

Walkways & Stairs

Walkways & stairs will enhance your experience as you move through your landscape. FGL makes these hardscape walkways to create a safe way that protects your landscape and allows you to travel to and from places of interest throughout your property.


Walls can be in a landscape for a couple of reasons. They may be built for retaining soil, to create terracing, to screen unwanted views or even to create seating. As with all of FGL hardscapes, walls too can be created out of many different materials.


Boulders & rocks are a perfect way to add variety and accent to your landscape. Forever Green uses boulders for both structural purposes and for visual stimulating points of interest. Boulders a great option for landscaping areas with little available water.